During our UK team building trip. We visit the Midlands city of Birmingham. Our main highlight of this adventure was the encounter we all enjoyed with girls from Birmingham escort agency We share our whole trip experiences with you and learn about the great day trips we all enjoyed together.


During our Team Building trip to the UK. Our Members here at Manhattan chambers insisted on visting the Northern Capital city of Manchester. Some of us where a little dubious at first. But my god, we are glad we went now. It is an amzing city and one that everyone needs to visit at least once. But believe me, once is not enough. We did more team building exercises here than anywhere else.


Visiting the capital city of the UK was a very exciting prospect for our Members. London lived up to all of our expectations and more. We share the experience with you in this post. You will be amazed at our enjoyment.


The weather in Barcelona is amazing. Despite the long journey we are very pleased to have visited this wonderful Spanish city. Its a really great place to eat, drink and chill with your friends. Its has some of the most outstanding buildings in the world.


No team building trip to Spain would be complete without a trip to its stunning capital of Madrid. We enjoyed 8 full days in the very modern city of Madrid and enjoyed many great excursions. Our Members are already wanting to make another trip there next year!


Read about our amazing trip to Valencia in Spain. With super hot weather, clean long sandy beaches and the best food we have ever tasted.Valencia was an amazing place for our members to visit. We share the experience with you in detail.

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Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to the Manhattan beach chamber of commerce website. Here you will find that we fully dedicate ourselves to our cause. Which is to promote and help, to ensure a strong economy and a quality of life better than anywhere else in the country.

It may seem to some like a hard goal to achieve. However, we work efficiently and smartly. Getting the whole community involved in various events across Manhattan which are funded by the members of our beach chamber of commerce, of various sorts.

1) To promote ourselves and what we do. Letting the whole of Manhattan know what we are about and to enjoy being a part of it. Even somewhat, at one of our events.

2) We love getting the whole community of Manhattan together. Meeting new people in the process. To further our funding and to create good spirit throughout the entire area.

3) Experience world wide team building trips together and share our experiences with you.

You will be surprised by how many new members we gather at each gathering! As our beach chamber of commerce in Manhattan grows, we can invest more in the community and continue our work to further better this already amazing city.

The beach chamber of today offers real opportunities for in-chamber promotions and business expansions. As well as helping you grow as a person and achieve what you really want out of life, in all regards. The best part of all of this, to emphasise what has been said above, is the real community connection that you will feel and receive. Here in Manhattan, we are one big family. Working to ensure the prosperous future of all local businesses owners in the city.

Furthermore, for our members. We have many compliance products which are available to you, at an excellent discount! As well as being able to assist you with Booking escorts birmingham, which is the best asset we have to offer those on our team building trips! Birmingham escorts are very adorable ladies. They make the highlight of every trip, that is for sure.

On our beach chamber of commerce website, you will find everything you need to know about us. If you wish to see more about how we work, you are more than welcome to go to the about us page, to further your knowledge.

Here, on your website, you can read our members experiences, see who works with and/or for our company and realise the favourable circumstances in which we have in store for you and your business, today! Very often ourselves and our members take recreational trips together too. Some of which you will be able to read about here. All of which bring us together, even more so. To clear our minds and ensure that we are fresh and ready to continue what we do best, as a strong and co-operative team.

You can apply to be a member online, which makes things even more easy for you. We make it effortless, on your part, for you to become one of our Manhattan members and/or to see what the businesses in your local area have to offer you.

When you patronise Manhattan Beach businesses, part of the tax revenue goes to the City’s General Fund. Which helps pay for police, paramedics, fire suppression, parks and recreation and much, much more. So, supporting your local shops and services helps Manhattan Beach businesses and residents. What you spend here stays here. Buy Manhattan!

There is a wonderful “buzz” about the Manhattan Beach Chamber and what we’ve accomplished. I want to work on the “buzz” locally -- to Keep all the Money in Manhattan Beach buying and doing Business at the Beach.

It’s great that we no longer have to go to Beverly Hills for great food, stylish clothing and hair, or to LA or Century City for excellent professionals such as accountants, attorneys, consultants, photographers, beauty treatments. You don’t need to go to the Cerritos Automall way up the 605 for a car. You can find a fabulous selection of automobiles here at the Beach.

We have melt in your mouth food in Manhattan Beach. Fortunately for guys like my husband who refuse to leave the beach for any services, now we have it all.

So when someone calls you for a recommendation, think of your Manhattan Beach Chamber friends to help keep business at the Beach.

We are collaborating with our Chamber Committees this year to work together and get more done. We had a great Retreat in Catalina, building our teams to accomplish great things this year.

This Chamber will gather together all of the parts of our city to Help the Business Community Prosper. All areas of the city will be working in collaboration: Downtown, North End, Metlox, Sepulveda, the Manhattan Village Mall, and City Representatives. We will all be working together to help remind our locals to spend their money at the Beach.

The Advocacy and Community Collaboration -- including Education, Leadership and our City Representatives – will be able to speak out on timely issues of importance to our city such as LAX expansion, LA Air Force Base, and the 310 area code. They will also provide informational Forums and advocacy on important political issues.

Our Business Forums – Women in Business, Business Forum and Entrepreneurial Exchange and Business Expo – collaborate to cooperate in our business events and forums.

Community Outreach and Member Services. The Chamber mans and sponsors the Santa Float, which our community loves, the Holiday Decorations all over the city and the Home Town Fair Booth. We will begin profiling our member businesses in the Beach Reporter giving our members additional exposure and benefits for their membership. Join in on our events, golf, Expo, Sports and Entertainment, Installation and Ambassadors.... There are so many ways to be involved in this chamber.

Fortunately, we have a wonderful board, members, staff and sponsors that allow this chamber to accomplish so much. We have over 700 members, a great Executive Director Helen Duncan and her staff, a dynamic board, fabulous events and forums. We are doing great things giving back to our community—scholarships for High School Seniors, Victims Assistance Team, Wellness Community, Kids at Heart. Thanks for allowing me the privilege to lead in this next year.

Finally, and of utmost importance.... We live in an amazingly beautiful beach town, with the ocean, the fresh air, great schools and safe friendly streets.... Thanks to this fabulous city and its leadership, police and fire for preserving and protecting this the wonderful place created for us.


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If you want to be a part of the exciting chambers here in Manhattan Beach. Please contact us to make your application. All our members get to enjoy fully funded world-wide team building trips.