About Manhattan Beach chambers

Our Approach

Our Approach

You could also call this heading "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." This is the place to talk about what drives you and your business and what's unique about your process. What you write here should be something distinct and interesting about your business that sets it apart from others in the same industry.

Our Story

Our Story

The Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in the State of California on March 10, 1941.

This Chamber is organized to:

1. Make Manhattan Beach a better city in which to live and in which to do business.

2. Instill in its members and the general public a higher appreciation and a better understanding of the advantages of living and doing business within the City of Manhattan Beach.

3. Bring about a more enlightened understanding of community problems as well as City, County, State and National affairs.

4. Promote the economic and social life of Manhattan Beach and neighboring areas.

5. Perfect a central clearing house of reference information related to economic, social and other matters of public interest, and to make such information available to the members of the Chamber of Commerce, the citizens of Manhattan Beach and to such other party or parties desirous of such information.

6. Encourage the growth of existing industries and businesses while giving all proper assistance to any new firms or individuals seeking to locate in the area.

7. Support all those activities believed to be beneficial to the community and area.

8. Oppose those activities which might be detrimental.

9. Promote the welfare of all area citizens, following always those policies intended to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number.

10. Further the American Way of Life by fostering in the members of the Chamber and the citizens of Manhattan Beach a constant appreciation of all God-given rights now guaranteed to all by the Constitution of our Country.

Next Steps...

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