High Class Escort Work

If you’re looking for something new to do then you should think about escorting work with a high-end standard. Although it’s an thrilling and glamorous career however, you must be prepared for a lot more risk. You must first be familiar with the field of work before you can get started. If you’re not sure of what it is, Quora can Rankin answer most of your questions. She also discusses the stigmas that surround her field and encourages people to in their education.

Rankin’s Quora profile

Rankin’s Quora profile is a very open discussion about her job and dispels the stigmas associated with it. In her profile, she discusses her company and the girls that work there. A majority of them have degrees from college, and some are classical pianists. Rankin explains that the women she collaborates with are intelligent and beautiful.


Hayley is highly sought-after escortee with many satisfied customers. She describes her body as “athletic”, and claims to be an all-natural porn star. A per-hour rate of $950 for an incall at a hotel with a 4-star rating is charged. Her availability for outcalls is available on the website.

Hayley Vernon, who is currently competing on Married at First Sight Australia 2020 She has a new side hustle: she’s a high-class escort. Although her new venture is “hand in hand” to her reality show star work, she’s proud of her accomplishments in the sex business.

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Exquisite International’s Margaret MacDonald

Exquisite International’s Margaret MacDonalld does high class work with wealthy clients in escort. According to some reports her client list includes Arab businessmen. She advertised her services on the internet and in the International Herald Tribune, and in Germany. She also used multiple fake names to operate her business. She was able to access a laptop with names and contact information for 538 call girls, and she made between 30 percent and 40% of prostitutes’ earnings. The business was said to earn MacDonald $23,400 a month.

Margaret MacDonald was convicted for prostitution with a felony and sentenced to a four-year prison sentence and a fine amounting to 150,000 euros. MacDonald holds a number of business degrees, admitted operating an escort service for high-end clients. She said that her employees had the right to decide if she wanted to spend the night with a client.

Eliot Spitzer’s hire of a prostitute

Prosecutors claim Eliot Spitzer hired a prostitute for high-class escort work within New York City. According to court documents the two were seen on a Feb. 13 date. The date was monitored by federal law enforcement. Spitzer was forced to resign in the wake of the scandal.

The scandal has put Spitzer in a bind. His career was once described as a “crusader of the year” by Time magazine, but now the scandal has cast a shadow over his reputation. As an attorney general for the state, Spitzer was known for his pursuit of Wall Street executives for corruption. But his first year as governor was marred by scandal. Some even called for his resignation.