How to Become an Escort in England

If you’ve ever wondered about how you can become an escort in England, the good news is that this is a completely legal profession. What are the steps to get started? There are certain requirements you must know prior to start your career. Luckily, there are several steps you can follow to get started.

How to start as an escort

There are several options to become an English escort. Joining an agency is the best way to get started. There are numerous agencies in the big UK cities that will match escorts and their clients. Typically, these agencies split commissions with you and the agency will take about 30 percent.

The first step in becoming an escort is to get your appearance in order. A well-groomed and fit escort will have a good appearance with good facial features. Cover any piercings or tattoos with makeup.


There has been much debate about the legality of being an escortee in the UK. A recent report from the House of Commons All-Party Parliamentary Group found that the current legal framework is ambiguous at best and destructive at the worst. It does not send clear signals to those who are who are looking to have sex, and it offers little protection for women who are prostitution. The government should seize every opportunity to change the law.

The location of your residence will determine whether you can be an escort in Britain. Advertising for escort services in Northern Ireland is, for instance illegal. This does not mean you cannot be an Escort, as long as you book through an agency. In addition, an escort has the ability to decide who she or he would like to perform the sex performs the act, while prostitutes cannot choose their client.


There are some requirements you have to meet if would like to be an escortee in England. First, you must be at least 18 years old. Being escorts Redditch is a criminal offense that can lead to jail time. Also, if you are employed by an escort agency that promotes escorts who are under 18 years old, you run the risk of being charged with sex trafficking.

A well-groomed appearance and social skills are also crucial. A lot of escorting clients require well-groomed, polite and reliable men. They also require men who are attentive. Escorts are popular all over the United Kingdom, but London and Liverpool are especially busy.

Career prospects

The prospects for career advancement as an escort in the United Kingdom can be lucrative and rewarding. Based on your career goals and preferences, you can decide to concentrate on one or more aspects of the industry. The responsibilities of an erotic escort comprise offering sexual services to men and women. Respect for both genders is essential and clients should not be offended.