Leeds Team Building Trip

After a very close vote, our group decided that we should explore another area in the UK, before going home. A pretty city in Yorkshire, known as Leeds. Famed for its high quality cloth. One upon a time being a cloth town, like Bradford and its other surrounding areas. A local told us that people used to come from all over the UK with their sheep, to sell them for their wool.

One thing I find odd about the UK, is how you can go from one side of a city to another and the accent is totally different. There is a little more than region differences when it comes to how people talk here. But, out of all of them, the one we are all struggling not to laugh at is the Leeds accent, for sure. They are talking… although, none of us are convinced it is in English… I was about to get my Spanish pocket book out at one point…

As we walk to our hotel room. We overheard a group of young ladies talking about how they had come to Leeds from somewhere else in the UK because of its sought after hookup culture. After googling what this was, we discovered that it means when you go out clubbing and pick someone up and take them back with you to your home or hotel room. Later on we seen them again and heard them talking about how they are Leeds escorts and actually work here in the city, despite not living here and one of them had just seen one of their regular clients walk past with his wife.

Is it just me, or is escorting a massive part of the UK’s lifestyle wherever you go? Apart from their diverse range of accents, this was the only other thing that made me feel uneasy about the place. I certainly wouldn’t live here. But the recreation here, wherever you go is some of the best I have known! So, for team building and a holiday, this place is perfect.

For our last stop on our UK tour. We wanted to experience the outdoor action it had to offer. The weather was so nice as well… how could we resist?!

We booked two rounds of paintballing with an activity provider called Live for Today. Which is situated in a 77-acre parkland, with various other activities on it too!

We split ourselves up into three teams; the red team, the yellow team and the blue team. All having to make a battle strategy as a team, to try and take home the win.

It was great fun. Despite all being a little worse for wear and being someone bruised from the force of the paintballs crashing into us from all angles, it was a great exercise for us all and what a good note to end our trip to the UK on?!

By far, one of the most enthralling things we had done on our trip and something that we will certainly want to repeat on our next local team building excursion.