Madrid Team Building Trip

Madrid is the capital of spain and we had to visit this city as part of our Spainish tour. We have all heard lots about the city already. Knowing the massive soccer scene here with two of the best clubs in Madrid. Looking through images of the city we found, whilst researching our tour. Its fair to say that all our members where very excited about our visit here.

After booking the Spanish escort last year with my co-worker Cheska. We are back on another team building trip and have decided that 2018 is going to be another year of love and adventure. Because the young lady who brought us together on such an intimate level was Spanish. We decided to see what else (and who else) Spain had on offer, in the form of Madrid escorts!

We have brushed up on our Spanish (A little!) and been researching the adult world of Madrid (Which is just the first stop on our trip to Spain by the way) and noticed that escort agencies are not as popular as the areas in other counties and the escort agencies that are around are VERY expensive. Even I cannot afford most of the prices these agencies of escorts are asking for, for the desired amount of time I was looking for.

Although, the brothel scene here is massive and the Madrid escorts in such establishments are a lot less than most places in the world. So, we decided that we would try out one of the clubs in town in our search of Madrid escort girls.

Upon arrival, the establishment looked like a palace – I was notably impressed. However, the exterior has nothing on the inside of the club and the girls which reside there. We really were spoiled for choice.

Beautiful and open-minded ladies lined up to show themselves off. In hope that they we would be one to spend the remained of the day in bed with me and Cheska. They were of various physique types; Some petite, some glamour model like, some deliciously curvy and others of the hourglass sort. One thing that was for sure, whatever Madrid escort we both decided on, would certainly give us a good time. You would just tell by the keenness on their faces and the sensual sparkles lit up each escorts eye.

After careful consideration… and still being unable to decide on one escort – We both wanted to have some fun with them all. We said that we were going to stay in Madrid for a little while longer than expected and book… ALL OF THEM! Spending the week doing nothing but having three-sums with gorgeous Hispanic women and my erotic partner in crime (Cheska) didn’t exactly sound like a bad idea to me.

The club even made us a VIP member for the week, giving us our own designated quarters upstairs in the mansion and allowing us to live there for the duration of our time here in Madrid.

What was meant to be an already sexy adventure turned into an even bigger one! One more gratifying that I would have ever first thought… It is safe to say that 2018 is certainly going my way so far. Bring on the rest of the trip!!