Manchester Team Building Trip

After an incredible few days. We were pretty worn out after all of the encounters with escorts. But, nonetheless, eager to continue our trip around the UK to see what other exciting experiences we could have. Now, we are going to explore the North West of England, by going to another large city – Manchester. We had heard that the adult scene here is massive and were electrified by the thought of checking it out.

After hiring a car, we made the journey to our latest hotel. It was only a few hours' drive. So, wonderfully accessible from where we previously were situated.

In an excited, no time to waste like manor we phoned a Manchester escort agency. The prices where a little more expensive than the last agency. But, we expected that the prices would vary on where we were. Although, this one was in the middle, when it came to the prices. We didn't book with the cheapest, nor the most experience either, this time around!

Again, the drinks were flowing and myself and my companion, Steven, had a brilliant idea over our dinner. It was 5pm and tonight we are going to book an escort in Manchester... And have a three-sum with her – What a great idea ayy?!

We found a stunning, slightly older lady than the one I had previously booked with, named Grace. But, you would not have guessed from the model like body she had. I was getting more and more aroused by the second, just looking at her photographs. I just had to ring up, there and then and arrange an appointment.

I instructed the reception that she had to come as soon as possible and that we wanted a three-sum with her. Luckily, she was available on this day and they said she would be with us within the hour and asked if we had any clothing requests. Of course, we opted for stockings, suspenders and the highest heels she had!

She arrived at 6:45 and was due to stay for an hour and a half. Looking sexy and gorgeous. You could tell from the shimmer in her pale blue eyes that she was totally up for this meeting, just as much as we were!

Grace walked through the hotel room door and closed it behind her with a naughty smile on her face. Me and Steven walked up to her, so they we were on their side of her sensational body and watched as has long dark coat fell to the floor. To reveal that she was wearing nothing but, the lingerie we had requested and a pair of high heels.

She quickly got to work, excitedly pulling down our trousers. Meanwhile, dropping to her knees. Diamond Manchester escorts, finest girl Grace started giving us both head. Starting with me and then moving to Steven, and then back to me.

It was not long before she was riding me like I was a thoroughbred and she was the jockey. While Steven penetrated her anally from behind. Indeed, we were all moaning with pleasure as a wave of erotic passion overcame our bodies and minds. We were totally lost in the present moment.

Before we knew it, two hours was up. Grace genuinely seemed as sad as us that she had to say goodbye. But, you know, time flies when you're having fun... and sex. We got along so well, during the talking and even in the bedroom. It was hard to believe that there was no real connection between us all, within those hours spent together.

To conclude, these English escorts just keep getting better and better. I have totally falling in love with the escorts in Manchester and the adult scene here. I think these team building trips need to come a little often than once a year...

NOTE FOR HOME: The more expensive you are, the less interest you are going to have in your business. Keep things quality and as cheap as possible!