Valencia Team Building Trip

Because, we all love a road trip. We have decided to go right down to the other end of the country now and visit the city of Valencia. It is such a shame, that some of our other colleagues could not come with us this time, due to other commitment. I know that they would have loved to come along. However, we are planning another trip after this one, which the whole team can come along for! Maybe back to Spain? Who knows!

Valencia is a slightly smaller city than the likes of Barcelona and Madrid. Nonetheless, still full of life. There is a real incredible atmosphere to this city – It is almost bewitching.

We arrive late at night, but due to the good night sleep we all had last night. We were feeling wide awake and a little adventurous.

My college Kate suggested that we go and find a local nightclub and have a dance. Which we all liked the sound of. We aren’t exactly spring chickens anymore, but a few hours won’t hurt I suppose. Upon googling to find the local of one. We stumbled across something even more awesome, perfect for team building.

A ‘Go-ape’ like structure not too far from our hotel. Which is where you get to go up as high as the tree tops and need to work together to overcome obstacles high in the air! Needless to say, we were exceptionally excited. None of us had done anything like this before.

DAY 2:

After yesterday’s events, we honestly didn’t think this trip could get any better. Oh… but it did!

Some of the Manhattan Beach chamber of commerce members had stumbled upon another fantastic idea for a team building trip in Valencia.

Off we went to Valencia’s bio park which is has one of the largest collections of zoo animals I have seen. Most of them came from the African Savannah, but a fair few from the Equatorial forest could also be seen.

As real animal lovers, it was sad to see that majority of these animals were on the endangered list. But nonetheless, we enjoyed getting a glimpse of them, while walking around the bio park in the gorgeous Spanish sunshine.

Note to self and all future tourists of Spain: DON’T FORGET SUNCREAM!!

I think that by the end of the day, it was safe to say that we were all bettering our friendships and looking forward too many more years of working with one another. There really is no better team than us, in and out of work, for sure! Although, we were all pretty crispy at this point due to me forgetting to pack the sun block…

We headed back to the hotel via car and got everything ready to head back the following day to Manhattan. We are certainly sad to leave Spain, yet happy to return to Manhattan. Having made some wonderful memories with one another and having strengthened our team with trips and exercises while in Valencia.

We must leave very early in the morning and have a long flight ahead of us. So, we will bid you all a farewell and goodnight; and hope you enjoyed reading about our trip to Spain!