Asian Style House Design

Asian Style House Design

Asian Style House Design is a style of home decoration that draws inspiration from the Far East. This includes pieces like Japanese shoji screens, Chinese wall friezes and furniture inspired by ancient Asian designs.

These designs are unique in that they emphasize harmony and balance. This allows homeowners to create a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere inside their homes without using artificial materials or strong colors that could be taxing on the eyes.

When designing an Asian-inspired space, balance of color scheme, textures, furniture and decorative elements should always be taken into account. You can achieve this look through various techniques and accessories but make sure the balance remains constant throughout your plan for successful completion.

Another hallmark of Asian design is the use of natural materials. Bamboo, stone, jute and organic inks are common choices when decorating an area with this aesthetic. Not only are these easy to maintain but they bring a calming sense of nature into any room.

Selecting the correct paints can make all the difference in your Asian-inspired decor. A neutral shade such as tan or light beige works well for this style of design; however, red or yellow can also provide a vibrant and energetic touch.

Paper lanterns in vibrant colors are often chosen for this style of design. They come in various sizes and can be used to showcase the beautiful artwork associated with it.

Other common accents include carved wooden furniture. Usually of dark hardwood, these intricately carved items feature patterns inspired by Hindu tradition and come in the form of chests, chairs and tables.

Silk is a major element in Asian-inspired interiors. As one of the world’s most beloved fabrics, silk offers homeowners an opportunity to add luxurious touches to their homes.

Silk not only adds an exotic touch, but it is highly durable and stain-resistant. Its lustrous appeal adds a level of refinement to any room, making it essential in any Asian-inspired home.

Silk has a stunning lustre, but is also incredibly soft – ideal for upholstery, wall hangings, screens and more. Plus it comes in an array of beautiful colors so it makes a perfect choice for those seeking to create a calming atmosphere in their home.

Another excellent option is rosewood, a timber often used in Asian-inspired decor items. When cut, this wood emits an irresistibly sweet fragrance.

This material’s beauty can be appreciated in a wide range of objects, from dining tables and seating to furniture. Furthermore, there are many framed artworks that use this material as their primary decorative element.

When designing an Asian-styled interior, you should take into account the height of your ceilings. Asian homes tend to have higher ceilings than western counterparts, giving off a feeling of spaciousness that may otherwise not be apparent. If decorating large living areas, this could be beneficial as it adds visual interest and dimension.

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