Birmingham Team Building Trip

So, this year, our Manhattan beach chamber of commerce sat down. Discussing, in-depth about where the best, new place would be to go to. Soulfully for our annual team building venture.

By this point, we had been working so hard throughout the year. Hardly having had a single day to ourselves, just to relax. So, as you can imagine, we were all in exceptionally high spirits. Most of us could not contain our excitement about how this day had finally come – TEAM HOLIDAY PLANNING TIME!!

However, as the day went on and the discussion got lengthy... We sadly realized that, as we had been established so long ago and that team building getaways had always been a thing of our company. We had actually already been everywhere the city has to offer (Hard to believe, as there is so much to do, but yes, we have been EVERYWHERE). There was nowhere left for us to explore. Needless to say, the moral of the group what rapidly shattering.

Until... One of our long standing members pointed out that we had never has a trip further afield and that maybe we should try looking at other counties!

As you can imagine, we all jumped at the idea. Of course, it would also be a prime opportunity to see how local business work across the world and to pick up a few ideas, for our beach chamber of commerce to take back to Manhattan and the local community to better it further.

It did not take us long to find a place to go for our trip. We opted for Birmingham (The Birmingham situated in the United Kingdom that is!). Which is apparently well known for its shopping within the city center, within places like the Bull Ring. We excitedly booked our tickets for the 12th of July 2017 and opted to stay in a beautiful hotel known as the Cube.

We all rushed to pack our bags and before we knew it, we were boarding the spacious Aircraft and on our way to our first stop in the UK...Birmingham!


Upon arrival, we were amazed by the liveliness of the city. So many people, so many cars and so much history, architecture and futuristic structures – It was enthralling. We were not sure we ever wanted to leave.

Our first point of call was to check in to the hotel (Which was beautiful! Would highly recommend!!) and grab ourselves a drink and something tasty to eat at the restaurant and bar. Many of us chose the fillet steak with a stunning mushroom sauce, accompanied by either homemade chips or a side of roasted vegetables.

As the gin and tonics and pints of Budweiser started to flow and everyone got a little merrier than they already were. We started talking a little more openly and personally. This is when we discovered that we all had one thing in common – Our sex lives are as good as nonexistent … AHHH!!!

We then agreed to go something about it and realised we had two options. 1) All have one gigantic orgy in one of our hotel rooms upstairs. 2) Go on the hunt for a Birmingham escort agency.

Of course, we decided on the latter and quickly began scanning google. Escorts are plentiful in Birmingham to say the least. But, we specifically wanted an escort agency. Because, we could ring up and book as many girls as we wanted all at the same time, without the hassle of contacting every single escort direct. In short, we wanted to be efficient and save time and disappointment.

After a while we found a very good agency. Offering what looked like stunning women at the best prices. Most agencies wanted at least £200 for an HOUR!! Whereas this, particular, business was offering ladies a lot cheaper. They also seemed to be the only one with real photographs of their girls!


Okay, so on this occasion I am going to talk about my encounter with an escort in Birmingham. Later on you will hear about other members experiences within our trip to the UK.

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Afterwards, I heard even more exceptional stories from my Manhattan companions about the experienced they received – Even from the women who came on the trip – They booked bisexual escorts, which was something very new to them. But, they loved it!!


After a fantastic first night in Birmingham. Our members where not sure how we where ever going to top this epic start to our team building adventure. So at Breakfast the next morning we decided to gather a list of things to do over the next week. We where certainly very surprised to see so many possible things to do. I will not go in to detail about everysingle thing we did but I will write below a summary of our overal experiences of them all.

  1. Cadbury World - After saving money purchasing the tickets online. We spent several hours looking around this somewhat amazing factory and museum. The choclate is out of this world and its certainly a very entertaining and educational trip.
  2. Bull Ring - Many of us wanted to purchase some things for the rest of our UK trip. So we decided the Bull Ring sounded a great place to explore. Its a well designed and spacious commercial centre. Offering everything you could want really. We also stopped in an Italian resturant there where the food was very tasty. Our only common complaint about the place. Is just how busy it was.
  3. National Sea Life Centre - On our last day we wanted to do something different and coming from our beach backrounds at home. We all love the sea life. So a trip to this centre was agreed upon. It really was a very good day trip! So many different species and from all over the world as well. Everyone enjoyed this one.