Lake District team building trip

Just like any other company. We like to encourage teamwork. After all, not all of us are booked for individual work. Some of the team are booked for meetings or jobs where they need to work together. For this to happen and be smooth sailings. The team needs to be on the same page. What better way to do that than to go on a team building weekend.

Here at the Manhattan beach chamber, we like to take the team to a different place a few times each year. Last month, we all went to the Lake District. All of us had an amazing time. It was wonderful watching everyone enjoy themselves. I think they enjoyed being at one with nature. They did many different activities over the course of the weekend.

As all of our team like to keep themselves in tip top condition and enjoys looking their very best. As we understand here, at Manhattan beach chamber, that your health is really important. They really enjoyed all of the outdoor pursuits. The fun and frolicking started early on the Saturday morning. In the minibus on the way to the Lake District, there was lots of singing and telling jokes. Some of the newer members to the chamber turned up looking a million dollars, they had their makeup and hair done perfectly etc. The members of the team, who had been on these type of weekends before knew better. So, sat in the back were the dozen members not on shift that weekend, a mixture of people, all coming together to enjoy a weekend away; some with their faces on, others looking like they did whenever they were not working with their hair twisted messily on their heads. Their faces clear and natural. It really was a sight for sore eyes.

Things wouldn’t have been the same without a bit of nakedness! The girls spent a few hours kayaking and in true style, they got their kit off! The poor instructor didn’t know where to look. There he was, in the middle of a lake, surrounded by beautiful ladies. Each and every one of them wearing nothing more than their birthday suit. It was funny watching how he stuttered his instructions. His eyes flitted between lady and lady. You could see him struggling to maintain eye contact. He kept dropping his eyes to the voluptuous breasts that were in front of him. Who could blame him? Any hot blooded male would have done exactly the same! Some of the girls felt sorry for leaving him in shock. Needless to say, he has volunteered to give more kayaking classes when we come back on our next team building weekend.

The weekend did wonders for us. We all came back energised with a fresh colour in our cheeks. We were all left with positive comments from every single one of their clients commenting on how full of energy they are. It’s amazing what too much Gin and tonic and a bit of naked kayaking can do for the mind!