London Team Building Trip

The next stop, on what seems to have turned into an, especially enjoyable, trip to the UK was the capital – London! 

It was about a four-hour dive, according to the SAT NAV, but it took us about five and a half due to traffic. Although, this was nothing unusual from where we had come from; Manhattan. 

This time, we thought we would be a little bit adventurous and decided to book a hotel as soon as we arrived and opted to all stay overnight at an apartment like complex, instead of booking a regular hotel like we normally would. It was very exciting – I felt like a kid again, going on a school camp with my fellow primary school mates.  

This place specialized in dealing with groups who came for team building. Because of this, we did not have to plan anything ourselves and the onsite organizers would take care of everything for us. Including the food. So far, this seems like a really cool idea and something totally different to what we had been doing in the last places we visited. 

We had left early, so got to London with plenty of time left in the day. It was only 12 o’clock in the afternoon by now, and we had found a very quirky restaurant, famed for its five-star dishes. Despite everything being take care of for us back at the cabin. We decided we wanted to go and explore the city a little too. 

It was hard to decide what to order. All of the food looked stunning. We later on settled for ordering a fair few dishes from the extensive menu and sharing them out, so we could all try a bit of everything. 

While sat down enjoying the meal(s) we had in front of us, we couldn’t help but notice something. Ladies voices echoed in a tone that would indicate something was wrong. 

Two of my fellow team mates jumped up from their seats and ran outside to ensure that nothing sinister had happened. They were gone for a good 10 minutes and we started to worry. 

But, then came through the door unable to control their laughter. Apparently, one of the London escorts had gone to visit a client. Falling down his front steps upon leaving his home. Catching her clothing on the pointed rails either side of the steps and was stuck there, struggling to get back to her feet, with all of her top half on show. It was a good job they went to help her… poor thing…. But I still couldn’t help myself but give a little giggle – Especially as she gladly admitted she was an escort to them. 

Day two & three: 

Day two and three where truly fantastic. The amount we had done in just two days to bring us together as a team was great. It was certainly just what we needed and what we were looking for! 

First of all, we were split into groups given a map and made to go out into the wilderness. Testing our abilities to work with one another in a really enjoyable yet difficult manor. All we had was the map, compass and our coats. We didn’t even have any survival tips beforehand. However, we all did and enjoyed doing so. It was team building at its finest, I have to say! 

Day three was slightly less taxing, but still difficult. We had numerous games on this day which lasted between 30 minutes and two hours each, which included: The helium stick challenge, The all adrift game, bridge building, blind drawing and much more. 

After our last day here, we certainly wanted to come back here on another excursion. It really helped us grow as a team and as individual people – Plus, game us some awesome experience for if we ever find ourselves stuck in a more hostile landscape!